Friday, July 22, 2011

Webster's Pages Celebrate

Here's my altered acrylic frame which I made with the WP Celebrate Collection pack. 
A Quick share before i hit the road.
I'm off to a crop - what do you know - it's all because of a swollen ankle - I'm useless for other things ( read household chores or sitting at the comp for a long time, shopping ... ) - the best thing for me to do is to craft!! perfect excuse , huh ?  
- 'cos I cant sit all the time while crafting - 
I do have to stand then sit , sit & stand ( well you get the idea ...) 
Yup, So my ankle is very much better today but I still gotta limp along for now.
& very fortunately I drive - so you bet , it's easier to drive than to walk !
I did just that the 2nd day after to get to 200m for something . Sigh ! 

Some fussy cuttiing , Primas & Zva Creative crystals and it comes together quickly these projects ! ;) 


Lynette said...

I love your acrylic very beautiful...but please tell us who is in the picture. Get well soon.


Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, how beautiful, Pearl!! LOVE the bright and happy look of this! You just rock the Webster's, my friend!
So sorry to hear about your ankle. And yes, you need to crop to make it better! I suggest lots and lots of cropping for a speedy recovery. ;)

Jennifer said...

A lovely frame!! Glad you had a terrific time with Piradee! So sorry to hear about your ankle. We are so lucky that scrapping makes everything feel better! hee hee

Christie said...

Very beautiful frame!!!!

Metal_Minish said...

This looks amazing, love the format!
Hope some scrapping will help cure your ankle! ;3

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh Pearl so sorry you are injured my dear! Hope the cuppies & Piradee's pretty face helped with the healing!! This frame is a complete Webster's stunner!!