Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I must confess ...

It's CHA Summer 2011 time 
and I do not have a long wish list ! 
- wait a minute , do I even have a wish list ?! lol

Last year, I managed to successfully cut my stash budget by half
and this year it oughta be half of last year's !
But I haven't always kept track and I am quite sure that some months
I simply spent way more than I really needed -
and I would have to thank successful consumer promos for that - A LOT!

Here's a true story -
I was about to tempt myself to get a Crafter's Workshop circle template just last week
after seeing dear Piradee's recent layout here.
I think my fave scrapper , Keisha Campbell , is fond of it too...
So I walked into one of our fave LSS' that was having a better than usual discount ,
right at store opening , not a soul in sight yet , save moi .
& I promptly asked the only salesperson there for her  opinion about getting this template -
& she simply said she didn't think it was worth getting ! WOW !
They are available as 12x12 or 6x6 templates - obviously the smaller template is almost half the price too .
Nope , she can't even recommend getting that one.
I walked out of the store empty handed that day . Touche !
Mind you this is the same gal who saved me $ on other occasions with her opinions of other templates in the past ! teehee !
Nothing is IMPossible, blogging friends !

So it's all good on the template department - cos Day 1 after CHA !
I woke up to find out that
Crafter's Templates have new designs !!! But of course !
& they have teamed up with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer at that for their latest releases !!!
Check out the designs here .
& here's a coupla of designs that have caught my eye -

What do you think ?
I suspect our dear German scrapper pal , Christiane , might like some of these too . teehee !

& I must confess - I know where most of my Tim Holtz & Prima masks are kept ( they are mostly together too ! ) but horrors I simply can't recall now where any of my Crafter's Workshop templates are !!!!
oh joy  !!!! I know I have at least the Flutterby one...

I am definitely on the look out for investments in tools, mediums ( perhaps ) - 
could be new punch designs , new die cut BRANDS ? 
( But wait , much as I LOVE Spellbinder's dies - why is it that I even hesitate to use them ! ) 
They are all new with tags intact ! gasp !!! 
I think the only kind of purchase that I've ever made with that problem. 
I never have that problem with clothes , or shoes, or bags .... lol 

My grand plan in the wake of Summer CHA releases is to try to stick to  just 2 complete lines for papers
 ( probably 2 brands- one to buy at the beginning of the mad season - like around now - and probably the other halfway or 3/4 ways through ... )
I definitely have some Glitz Design on my mind so far - 
It's reminding me that my signature color could be a touch of purple .... hey ! hey !

- and to pick out the hot on the market embellies offered by the myriad brands out there , 
and preferably at better than usual store discounts . We shall see ! 

Let me know what are your 2  top fave paper lines thus far,  if you can ! 

Check out the live coverage of CHA by ! 
Love it so far  ! 
The first photo shows -  a  booth that said - 
 "coming soon in 2012...Heidi Swapp"
OH MY !!! 


Lynette said...

My fave lines...MME and Prima. But will I stick to it...I also always overspend and have way too much stash.

BabyBokChoy said...

I have the circle dots ones and I love it, and I also have the butterfly one. If only I can get them to you!!!

Jennifer said...

I totally loved reading this post Pearl! Good for you for restraining yourself on the circle template. I can so see you rocking all those beautiful new goodies coming in! Loving your budget idea!! I too am going to try to restrain. Rob and I have agreed that I am going on a monthly scrappy budget. This will have to cover all my scrappy needs including adhesives and kraft paper!! No more saying that these things don't really count as a supply! ;) I was doing good but then had a bit of a relapse in May! I feel better as to where the stash is but still have sooo much to use. I feel bad when I have too much. It is too overwhelming. Good luck in your scrappy plans. :) We can support each other!! My LSS has invited me and Susan to a 40% off event next week. I'm stocking up on the essentials! hee hee Glue!!!

Helen Tilbury said...

I am also determined to be far more discerning now & have given up on some brands that don't have blogs, DT's, or are all American with their teams as it means that there's no hope of me ever working for them & that they are narrow minded LOL! But Prima is always a massive must & loving the look of the AC and Pebbles lines, Glitz and Crate. I never buy more than one line but get a few extra bits in my monthly Studio Calico kits that I have resigned from for now. Have 6 months worth & still tons left! Now what is the design team that I should apply for - think you said AD and I couldn't for the life of me work out which one that could be?! Be a dear & let me know will you...don't want to miss out!

Christiane said...

hehehehe, you know me very well!! :))
and crafter's workshop - thanks for the reminder. you see me digging in my stash here!!