Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank you ! thank you ! Blog awards

I want to thank sweet Jacque & Jennifer 
for this Cherry award. 
I have soo overlooked thanking them nicely. 
Jenn knows me so well wrt to these bloggy awards -
as they tend to exclude too many bloggy friends from receiving them !!;( 

I also received this cute cute blog buddy award from Helen earlier -
thank you soo much sweetie ! 

The timing of these awards couldnt be more perfect , 
coming at a time when I always need a little encouragement every now & then ! ;) 

Now, I dedicate these awards to you , my dear bloggy reader , 
thank you so much for coming by & leaving your sweet comments ! 


Jennifer said...

Hi Pearl!! Congrats on all of your awards! :) Hope you are not in a scrappy slump. I'm sure it will pass quickly! I am in a major scrappy mood but "Lady" keeps me busy with her training. I am however getting quite clever at scrapping with her sleeping on my knee. It helps to have a 7 pound dog. hee hee She never even bothers any of my supplies but just likes to sniff the odd thing. LOL Can't remember if it was you who asked me how old she was? If so, they approximate 6-8 years.

Lynette said...

You deserve every one of those awards...well done my friend.

Metal_Minish said...

So cute, congrats on the awards, you deserve them!
I haven't seen awards for ages, I always thought of them as a cute token of appreciation, while some just snort at them with a "I'd rather have your comments than awards, thank you!"... which is an odd reaction to a gift, if you ask me. O.o''

Audrey Pettit said...

Awww, congrats, Pearl! You definitely deserve all these awards!

Liz Chidester said...

You are always full of inspiration for us readers, Pearl!! Congrats!

Sandy Ang said...

Congrats on your blog award !