Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ICSketches Nov 2 - Box challenge

This week, we're doing things a little differently, 

we're making boxes, courtesy of DZ Doodles!!!!

Here's my simple Holiday take of it - 
& and it's now in the hands of fellow ICS DT member , Stacy
whom I had the great pleasure of meeting this weekend !!! 

Hot off the press new ribbon colors for her in it too ! lol.

Stacy has an especially lovely take on the gift box idea -
go read all about it here.
& do check out all the amazing DT egs here 

I took the time today to use up some Crate Paper Snow Day scraps
( while it's still a flavor of the month ! ) 
& to build up the holiday card stash somemore- 
This one's inspired by My Sketch World's Card Sketch - Nov 1 .

Debuting a new crinkled ribbon color here too - ;) 
I am declaring this purple my new pink !
 We shall see. How far I'll run with it . 
Lots to share this month - crafting/scrappy wise .

I'll be back tomorrow to introduce
 a fun challenge for local crafters/scrappers ! ;) 


Helen Tilbury said...

Happy & Bright Pearl! YOu really are getting a headstart this year lol...mind you it is the first, oops, the second!!! of November today so eeeeeeeeeek...maybe I'm the late one! Haven't bought any Christmas paper this year 'cos want to work through my little pile first...

Kim said...

tee hee although I like the pink I think PURPLE is your colour LOL love the bright pops of orange and fun colours you have combined !!!

BabyBokChoy said...

way way way too cute!!

Lynette said...

Very very cute...love your purple/pink ribbon.

Jennifer said...

Loving these cards Pearl. I picked up some of this fun line for cards too! Great minds think alike! ;) The purple rocks!! My favourite colour forever although I never seem to use it scrapping these days.

Yes, adopting this little pup is quite the process! They really want to ensure that these little ones that have had a rough life get placed properly and forever. I got word yesterday that the condo has approved me having her here!! Yay, one less hurdle! Now we just have to meet and make sure all these pups seem okay together. My dogs love all dogs and even cats and Ladybug is apparently very sociable so I'm not anticipating problems. We may change her name to "Penny" since she doesn't know this new name "Ladybug" anyway. What do you think?

Stacy said...

Purple is the best! U rock the boxes my dear, always inspiring! And I'm in love with your ribbons - they're very fun to work with!

Audrey Pettit said...

What a fabulous little gift box, Pearl! Love the scallops and the layered detailing on the top. And your cards are awesome, too. I really like the bold color combo and all that orange. Such a different holiday look that is so eye catching!