Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspired by ...

woohoo ! CHA Winter 2011 sneaks are well in progress ! 
What do you like so far, blogging friends ? 
I must say since my crystal ball did not make it past the last decade ,
 I am pleasantly surprised by some things that I've seen so far
 - ( I had not much foresight at all and was NOT expecting surprises , but how can that be ? teehee ! ) 

Here are some faves that have emerged for me : 

Webster's Pages Ladies' & Gents : 

source: http://www.websterspages.typepad.com/

Glitz Design - Laced With Grace : 

Source : Glitz Design Newsletter

Echo Park - For the Record: 

Lots of continuation of last year's trends in this collection
 I see it in a new color yet not entirely unfamiliar palette -
doilies, birds, antique typewriter , hot air balloon ...the vintage vibe is all there ..

They have more designs of course - all yums ! 

WP Yatch Club 

Webster's Pages Country Estate 

oh boy ! I was so pleasantly moved by this paper line so far - no idea why ! ;) 
There is familiarity in the some of the patterns, motifs and colors
 and yet there's enough new in it for the wow factor . LOVE ! 

Prima - fabric florals

Wow ! Is Prima right on their money with this luxe collection of new on the entire market
fabric flowers - no more using paper blossoms , baby ! throwing them all out ! 
If you need paper blossoms thereafter - make your own
 out of the plentiful patterned papers we all have ! lol 
& leaves too - in fabric ! sigh !!! 
I am noting their preference for jewel colors in their different lines so far . 

& thanks to Sandy for reminding me of another source 
of CHA Winter 2011 sneaks - nicely tabulated too - so you just zoom in on the manufacturer you want & tada ! - 


tania said...

making me so jealous here pearl!
dont know how long before we will get those sweet stuff on our shelves;)
love your new blog layout:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Pearl..
Sending big loves your way xxx
Thankyou for your comforting words at our sad time xxxTake Care x

Jennifer said...

So much fun to see what you are loving! That Echo park line is calling my name!!! :)

Lynette said...

Stunning! I want it all!

Metal_Minish said...

Ah, Webster's... They're so pretty I just don't know if I dare to cut into those delicious papers... XD
I'm always afraid my photos and embellies will cover up the designs (since I have to cut them up to 8x8, there isn't much white space left).

Thanks for sharing these, I'm not too updated on these things, and we won't see these lines in Sweden until... well, not anytime soon. XD

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow... what a great selection. I didn't know about Glitz. It seems everyone paper collection has flowers and butterflies on them this year! hmmm

Audrey Pettit said...

yes, I'll take them all!! :)