Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 ! Hello .....2011 !!!

Wow ! how fast did 2010 fly by us all ! 
I'm more than pleased that my bit of scrappy crystal ball gazing on 
was all spot on !!!! woot ! 
Alas , I have nothing much to offer this time save
 to pass this on from Pantone : 
Say Yes to HoneySuckle Pink : 
oooo yeah ! Color me vivid & with extravagant optimism any day ! I likey !!! 
& I just might buy more clothes in this color going forward into 2011 . ;) 

Now continuing my celebration of creations of 2010 - 

From July . 
O my ! TA's Limited Edition Colors - Fall 2010 - 
sure had me at Hello !! woot ! such a fine collection of versatile mist colors . 
With them , I can alter any olde, ugly patterned paper into something I could love ! 'nuff said ! 

From August. 
I made a record number of cards to appreciate teachers this year. 
& bought a record number of school themed lines too. 
With my kidlets at the age their at , 
totally worth justifying the hoarding for me ! 
From September . 
 Joy is  handcoloring my own crinkled ribbons . 
I even used some to make flowers here. ;) 
& It really was a banner year , wasn't it ? 
From October.
Although Turquoise was 2010's hue of the year ( Pantone) , 
I was very happy to add shades of purple to my creations this year.
& did you notice Bloomers everywhere - 
on clothes, tees , not just for scrappy use ...
From November . 
My first GD spot for a stamping company - myStampBox ! 
Sweet ! 

From December. 
Playing with newfound mediums ( in this case - alcohol inks ) 
always always make me happy ! ;) 

Now Here's wishing all blogging friends a berry, merry New Year - 

 w/ a champagne cherry cheesecake truffle w/ pecan praline & amaretti... 
and a generous scoop of vanilla gelato + cider-marinated fruits by  the side. 
Yupz , I sure hope my first dinner of 2011 is gonna be rounded off like this ! ;) 


Mieke said...

Wow, you've made some amazing projects this year!
I wish you a happy and creative new year!

Sue said...

Happy New Year Pearl! May it be a super scrappy one. :)

Lynette said...

Wishing you the very best for 2011...and I hear you on Great Awakenings.


Jennifer said...

So much fun to see some of these creations again! All wonderful!! Loving that new shade of pink!! Wishing you a wonderful new year!! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Oooh, you're killing me with that dessert, Pearl! No fair! ;)
I've so enjoyed visiting your blog throughout this past year and seeing all your gorgeous scrappy creations. You do it all, my friend, with such grace and style. Always, always a pleasure to visit here. You have been such a sweetheart to me over the years. Wish I could reach out and give you a big ((hug)). Wishing you a very happy New Year filled with family, friends, good health, and much happiness!

Jacque said...

Have a trully amazing and wonderful new year Pearl xxxx

BabyBokChoy said...

What, that crystal ball only has one year of shelf life?? I demand a refund!!! Have a happy new year!! :)

Kim said...

OOO I remember taht top purple one and for me your butterfly is my fav of all, happy 2011!!!!

tania said...

oh my gosh!! that cheescake;)
wishing you and your family the best for 2011.
thanks for all your inspirational shares through the year:)

Pearl Maple said...

Alcohol inks are great fun and your choice of colours is lovely

Staci said...

Thx for making me hungry lol! love looking back on your beautiful projects!

Wendy Kwok said...

Hi friends, Happy New Year! YOu made many awesome projects in 2010. Keep on creating!