Saturday, December 18, 2010

BG Hopscotch

So I brought home some BG Hopscotch papers at the same time as the 
G45 Once Upon a Spingtime line. 
I think this is such a versatile line - 
not an obvious in your face Valentine line -
very teenager inspired to me . 

Lots of geometric prints, some seem Japanese inspired too . 
I have used these BG Hopscotch pps with some Such Sweet Tiernney Buttons here. 

Can't go wrong with some twine, gingham ribbon or crochet trim . 
Card sentiments are by SRM Stickers. 
I love it that their Card Sentiment sticker sheet has a
 slightly different variation on the same theme, sticker to sticker.
I do have a problem being bored with the same old same old on one sheet. ;) 
Which you sometimes get with rub ons or stamped sentiments .  
So yes ! I am highly recommending 
SRM Stickers for your card sentiments ! ;) 


Lynette said...

Stunning do you get your hands on these paper lines so quickly?


BabyBokChoy said...

beautiful cards, and aren't you ever into the GREATEST and the latest? Awesome work!

MrsETaylor said...

Love Love Love the colors and the button treatment on the Heartfelt Card Pearl. Really Really beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Aww, these cards are beautiful!! That new BG line is so soft and beautiful!

Kim said...

I cant keep up with all your loveliness...gorgy as always

Susan said...

I've been a bad visitor and e-mailer Pearl. SO sorry. Life has been very busy of late. Once Christmas is done I will perhaps be a better correspondent! Lol!

I'm loving your cards and recommendations! xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Very interesting Pearl - thanks for the recommendation - will check them out. NOw I made a bunch of cards the other day - I know - faint - but I have to say I really enjoyed doing it & they weren't too bad lol...

Audrey Pettit said...

How cute these are! I haven't seen the BG Hopscotch line before, and I'm really liking the patterns. Super cute buttons on here, too. Love how the SRM stickers look for the sentiment.