Sunday, July 11, 2010

Helen's World Cup RAK / The Final Countdown : world cup fever - how will it end ?

"Oracle Octopus" Paul has spoken !!! 
All bets are on Spain tonight surely !! ;) 
I didn't miss the last 2 World Cup Finals -
so why miss this one ?! 
Need to see if "Oracle"Paul is right, you know !

Edited to say : 

Eight picks of winners in a row , eight tentacled Paul
is a winner over & over again
at this World Cup !
Only at such a time as this !!!!
Well, I never !

& Congrats to the newest World Cup champs , Spain,
who are all set up to party lavishly for their next 36 hours !!!
Can't blame them !

Helen in good ole South Africa 
is doing a fabulous World Cup RAK
just to keep the fever going a little while longer
before we get into withdrawal syndrome mode
 from the World Cup ! lol

Here's what she's giving away ! 
One lucky winner {local or international} will receive a genuine SA vuvuzela, 
4 FIFA endorsed official licenced products {keyring, bangle & 2 pens},
 some real SA sweeties
 & some tourist booklets to encourage you to come & visit her !


BabyBokChoy said...

Watching it right now... kinda boring so far, good to know that you are a socccer or at least a WC fan :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Heehee that silly octopus! Apparently he was wrong once I've heard LOL! If you like footie I have a World Cup RAK going on on my blog for some authentic South African goodies, including a vuvuzela! Who knows who will win the match!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh! Toooo funny!

Lynette said...

Wonder if they will be building a shrine for Paul...I think they should make calamari out of him:)