Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thank you to Christina !

for this award !

I am bad about awards these days ,
mindful about the fact that it tends to exclude people ...
so I''ll just do the 7 interesting bits about myself :

1. I am 1.69m tall ( about 5'6" I think ) - that's tall over in our part of the world ! lol.
2. I still haven't travelled to the USof A yet ( or for that matter to Africa! )
2. I did learn catwalk modeling at the age of 18 or 19  and that's where it ended too !
3. I have ZERO piercings - not even for earrings !
4. & along the same lines ,I have ZERO tattoos & dont think I'll ever get one
5. I played the cornet in my marching band days in school .
6. I loved reading most Enid Blyton book before I was 12.
 From 13 onwards I probably can't say here who were some of my favourite authors then .
but yes ! I can tell you privately , if you ask ! ;)
7. I am self taught when it comes to my art,
 which is really amazing as I rarely , if ever got an A
for art in school.


Helen Tilbury said...

Interesting stuff there Pearl...I know what you mean about passing on the awards & making some people feel left out - I hate to do that too! You really should get your ears pierced - it's practically painless! Like you I don't have any other piercings or tattoos.

Christina said...

hey, we are the same height =)

Susan said...

It's interesting to read some facts about you :) Thank you for sharing something of yourself. I always wondered if you had studied art. It's lovely to know you are self-taught - so encouraging to those of us who are also untrained cos you are so naturally talented and maybe others could be too. You are taller than I am. I have earring piercings but no tattoos. I played the flute in school (and still do!) loved reading (I read all the science fiction available in the school library and the animal stories too) and have never been remotely considered a model! Lol!

Have a wonderful day :)