Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Get Your Glitz One Challenge #2 - Top 5 entry

Got a lovely surprise over the weekend 
to see my layout entry as a top 5 mention over at Glitz Design's blog ! ;) 

I have been busy scrapping behind the scenes 
just that they can't be shown just yet . 
Otherwise, I'm very much into exploring all kinds 
of scoring and folding projects still ! 
Yup , you guessed it , my Martha Stewart Scoring board tool 
is just my fave gamechanging papercrafting tool of the moment ! 
Love it when that happens ! 
I've always loved making practical gifts -
so if I can extend  my cardmaking /papercrafting ways to
making different kinds of gifts every now and then 
(& that pleasantly surprises the recipients too ! ) 
it's game on ! lol .


Kim said...

woot woot so excited for you Pearl!

BabyBokChoy said...

CONGRATS, that is just way too awesome!!!!

Jennifer said...

Very exciting Pearl!! Congrats to you! It is a lovely LO and photo of you. Glad you are still loving your scoring board! I am trying out Susan's today when she comes over to scrap. We are having an embellishment making day and plan on making some pleated flowers with the board. I figure you must be busy creating for MLS! :)

Lynette said...

Congratulations on the feature...it is a lovely layout.

Helen Tilbury said...

Congrats Pearl - game on indeed!!