Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bo Bunny's Card Challenge - all about the flowers !

It's time for another Bo Bunny card challenge .
As always , I love these challenges for helping use up 
stash more meaningfully , in a new way I haven't thought of 
or simply just an excuse to use up more beautiful paper of that line . 
Often it's all of the above. 

Can't beat Prima flowers for their beauty and great finishing .
It's nice to be frugal and try to make our own handmade flowers I know 
- but truth be told ,
my own finishing touch on handmade embellies sometimes leave much to be desired . 
My own solution to this problem is to simply put off purchasing these kinds of goodies
 until a much better discount comes along. ;) 


Leanne said...


BabyBokChoy said...

hurray for discounts!! cute card!!!

Metal_Minish said...

Oh yes, can't argue about Prima's quality and beauty of their flowers... The price on the other hand... @__@
Your card is stunning, awesome work!

tania said...

LOVELY CARD!!and halloooo to you:)
love the thingies you used on this card:)

Lynette said...

Gorgeous card...and I so agree with you...I love using beautiful prima blooms.

Lynn Biermann said...

Beautiful card Pearl! I love your softness to your work! Tfs:)

Helen Tilbury said...

Another pretty card Pearl. I must check out the site & see if I can make the deadline, so that I can use up some more Gabrielle. I agree with what you say about flowers - sure you can save money making them but that takes time & time is money, so it's Prima all the way for me too!