Tuesday, July 07, 2009

oh MJ ! His music will live on ...

"Way before Tiger Woods,
way before Oprah Winfrey,
way before Barack Obama,
Michael did with music
what they later did in sports and in politics and in television,"
the Rev. Al Sharpton

His music was definitely a part of the soundtrack of our lives,
We grew up listening to MJ on records,
now the fave MJ songs in our household
are Black Or White, Beat It, Thriller , Billie Jean from youtube

But the song I don't remember very well from MJ
is Childhood

We'll be catching the Memorial Service
for Michael Jackson
on CNN
with the rest of the world


Anonymous said...

TFS pEARL I watched the ceromony ,,,
very moving..... and sad too x

twinklescrapbooks said...

Stopping by to say hi. :)

Stacey Michaud said...

I watched a bunch yesterday too! It was moving...