Friday, July 17, 2009

52sketches52weeks #28 - SF Me Likey

I am pear-y happy to say
This year's CHA Summer releases are upon us already-
faster than ever !

what's not to likey ! lol

Using SF's Me likey pps here- title is also inspired by the line .

52sketches 52 week's sketch #28.


BabyBokChoy said...

Me upsettie!! LOL!! I WANT NEW STUFF.

Seriously girl, do you know how much stuff I ALREADY HAVE? :( :( :( So much for economic slowdown, downturn, blah blah, it's still nonstop new stuff coming out and there isn't enough time to BUY everything, let alone USE everything!

Anonymous said...

`Stunningly beautiful` Pearl what a gorgeous photo!!!
Enjoy your weekend my lovely:)x

Lean said...

Hi i visit your blog lovely things you make.Just keep on scrapping.
bye bye,Lean