Friday, February 11, 2011

TCR#45 - Sweet Baby card

A new palette up & running over at the Color Room today - 
& with a new inspiring card sketch , new products on hand, 
it wasn't too hard to create . 
I didn't get a whole load of the new Prima Sweet Fairy papers 
- just those that appealed to me immediately .  
( just check out the range in the pic below !!) 
source : 

Something tells me I just might be back for more Prima papers 
but let me get through cutting more into the 15 I just brought home ! lol . 


Susan said...

Ooo they are pretty papers aren't they Pearl. The boy card you made out of them below is terrific :) And the baby one is wonderful too. You're on a roll! LoL!

Audrey Pettit said...

How adorable, Pearl! What a sweet baby card. Love that fun Prima paper with the fairies, and you did a great job with that sketch. I love the sprinkling of flowers and butterflies, and that scrunched seam binding is beautiful. The CR comes up with such interesting color combos. I think I would be afraid of most of them. I would never think to use these together, myself. But wow, you totally rock them, every time.
I'm SO sorry to hear you've had the flu for 5 weeks. How terrible! I know what that's like.......last time I had the flu, I was out at least 5 weeks, if not longer. Man, oh man, I hope you're feeling better.

Lynette said...

Beautifully put together. These colors are stunning together Pearl. I see you're loving the new Prima...I can't wait for the new MME to hit the shelves.

BabyBokChoy said...

you are on a serious and awesome card roll here! love these papers and good for you that you had a bit self control and did not buy everything, lol.

Jennifer said...

Pearl this card is so sweet! Glad you are having fun with your Prima goodies. I went to the LSS the past two days! :( hee hee I too had some self control though. I only bought 6 sheets of the BG Hopscotch and the "pieces" tag package. I also found my 7 Gypsies papers on sale at 30% off. I still think that we are doing terrific! :)

Anonymous said...

Pearl your card is so elegantly beautiful! Just you!
hope your well my `friend`
have a lovely week:) x

Metal_Minish said...

What an interesting color combo!
Your card is awesome, love the small roses~
Looking forward to seeing some Prima around here, their papers are so versatile!

Helen Tilbury said...

WOW PEARL!! 15 papers!!! You sure have your work "cut out" for you LOL! Very pretty card & I can see why the papers appealed - too cute!

Tanya Tahir said...

This card is fantastic, Pearl. You are very good, not buying everything lol! I love the cards in the previous post too - great use of those Jack n Jill papers :)

Christiane said...

love what you did with prima stuff, pearl!!