Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My kids gone blonde ...

what do you think ? ashe blonde ? 
I'm pretty sure my Swedish scrappy pal , Metal_Minish
will highly approve of this hairstyle ! ;)

Just kidding ! It's simply the backlight effect on 
DD's not completely jet black hair - 
she does always have a lot of brown in her hair since young .

Now DS has pretty much black hair . No doubt about it ! 
You betcha most peeps don't think they are sibs when they're seen together ! lol 
Too happy to have some new hairdo captures
 of the kidlets before they start school again next week ! 

Pics shot on AV mode using the nifty thrifty 50/1.8 mm lens 
on aperture wide open . ;) 

& here's a layout to celebrate a new 'do - 

layout design inspired by a sketch by Julie Bonner.

DD gets mistaken to be a Japanese alot ! 
(Some people think I'm Japanese looking too - not sure why at all ?!! )
although amongst younger people they think she's Korean 
( lots of young people here these days love Korean pop music, dramas 
& they also learn the language - used to be that way with all things Japanese ) 


Christina said...

You have beautiful children ms. pearl!!

BabyBokChoy said...

I thought we all look alike?? LOL... Love the photos and the backlighting, gorgeous photos and that layout is oh so adorable!! way to put new photos to use immediately, great job!

Jennifer said...

Aww, your children are beautiful as is their new hair cuts and styles. All the kids are just finishing up school out here. I see groups of junior high kids walking home from exams with all their heavy book bags. Loving your LO with Julie's sketch. I am so missing my scrappy life these days. We just finished getting our daughter settled into her apartment tonight. Packing is moving along well, so I am hoping for some time one of these days to get on a scrappy tangent! I'm thankful to still get to enjoy everyone else's creations!! :) I'm trying to stay in the scrappy loop! LOL

Sue said...

gorgeous LO love all the cutting out you have beautiful children xx

Tanya Tahir said...

Gorgeous kids! Gorgeous photos and of course gorgeous layouts too! ;)

Renee Lamb said...

girl your kids are so beautiful! must take after their mama! :) and love the layout! your style always puts me awe!

Mo said...

Pearl, he he...I was thinking your DD looked Japanese too. Cute pics! I love the layout as well.

Helen Tilbury said...

Ooooh I love the layout Pearl! Really lovely - may scraplift it to get my mojo going on again...Your kids are gorgeous. Your daughter's hair does look highlighted lol! And your son is quite the cutie!! I also have a portrait 1.8mm lens but always forget to swap over to it!

Staci said...

heheha, love the new "blonde" hairdo! great pics of your beautiful children! love that LO, too - gorgeous as always!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

what beautiful kids you have Pearl!!! and the layout, gorgeous as always!!!!!!!!!! xOxO

Metal_Minish said...

I do approve indeed! XD
She's gorgeous, so jealous of that hairstyle! I need to work for ages with a flat iron and the right hairspray to get my desired "asian" look... Guess my scandinavian hair would rather stay wavy than straight, but I refuse! lol

The LO is beautiful as well, love all the patterns, colors and that cluster of sweet pearls!

Happy Midsummer! ^o^

Susan said...

What a lovely treat to open your blog and find such gorgeous photos of your children. And I love the way you scrapped your DD's photo. It's funny about the way people get our nationalities wrong. I have been asked if I am Chinese, Indian and Italian by different people over my life :) As far as I know, I am none of the three! Lol!

Jacque said...

Absolutely gorgeous kids Pearl, you must be proud :)