Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Little ShoeBox - Heartfelt - Card

This month I chose to work with My Little Shoebox's Heartfelt line for my DT projects . 
I definitely enjoy switching out to a different style every now and then 
and it's only too easy to go shabby chic with this Heartfelt line . 

And how about something different to share on this blog ? LOL 
Evidence  of my sometimes cosmopolitan life ?! 
That's the nice thing in little Singapore - 
we don't have to travel out of the island to meet peeps from all over the world. 
Can you even guess the different nationalities represented  here? ;) 
Checking out a new Italian restaurant called Capri last nite - we left very very late to say the least ! 
gotta love their Tiramisu and homemade ginger liquer , not to mention their Sembuca shots !!! 
We have just finished off a plate of warm lemon cake here - mamma's recipe ! yums !!
It was full house last night , great going for a one month old restaurant. 

Happy to report too that my 2010 weight target 
of losing just 5 kg is finally materializing NOW ! 
( oh yeah! Never say NEVER ! ) 
yup , just lost 3 kg ( more of it was water I suspect ! ) 

and I can finally appreciate wearing dresses ! yay !
enjoying a more active social life ( oh yeah ! - my amicis here are totally non scrappy pals ) ,
exercising , being able to eat anything I want .
Oh the joy & wonder of a simple change like that ! I kid you not .  
It's all thanks to having discovered Resveratrol & Dr PPARs( a wholefood ) 
 in the last 3 months. ;) 


tania said...

Beautiful card:) pretty banner too!

Jennifer said...

A beautiful card and love this soft paper line. Looks like a fun night out and the dinner sounds delicious. Congrats on reaching your weight goal. Sounds like you are feeling great and healthy too. :)

Kim said...

I love that bling on the ends of the vines, just finishes it nicely!

Lynette said...

You are looking wonderful and sounding so very happy my dear friend.

PS. Great card too.


BabyBokChoy said...

eating whatever you want, oh envious here! :)

Sarah Webb said...

HAPPY DANCE! I get to be on a team with you! Congrats! You'll be perfect for the Pebbles lines!

Helen Tilbury said...

Lovely photos Pearl & congrats on being happy & fit! Wish I could get my bum off this computer chair & into the gym LOL and need to look up that Resveratrol stuff!! What a beautiful card too!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

So glad you are loving life, Pearl! You look FABULOUS!
I adore your card. So sweet with the pinks and blues, and you know I love this shabby chic, vintage style. :)