Sunday, April 11, 2010

we interrupt the regular programming play tag !

Tagged by TeriI have to list 10 things that make me happy,
 5 pieces of trivia about myself,
 and then pass this award along to 5 other bloggers.

This seems easy enough for me today so here goes : 

Things that make me happy at the mo : 
1. Dining at The Garden Slug
Had this  the apple cranberry streusel  for dessert this weekend : 
topped with a generous dollop of vanilla gelato ! 

2. Having a nice little dinner at the home of long time close pals -
just had one last nite - baked , breaded rack of lamb was the main course
& an unbelievably sweet red wine to accompany the dinner .;)

3. Hearing my kids nag each other ( to death ! well nearly ! ) 
- 'cos I don't ! 
Usually it's them nagging about being on top of school work or not being such slobs ! 
It's always touching to me the wonderful bond they have as sibs 
& always noticeable to folks outside the family & usually remarked on as quite rare . 

4. Coffee 
5. Getting new gadgets - hmmm ipad anyone ? 

6. New clothes 
7. Keeping up with  the cutting edge of things 
8. Changing my way of spending ( on scrappy things ie this year ! ) -
 cutting expenditure by half at least ! 
9. Counting my blessings 
10. Being at my scrap table 

ok & on to 5 random things I'd like to share : ;) 

1. I no longer like to buy skincare products from salesgirls -
 don't usually like their service, being pressured
 or worse being shamed into getting their brands.
2. I had a beauty break recently - which was a complimentary & home based service 
 & while I didn't think I would appreciate this particular way of sampling skincare/makeup products
I ended up a new fan & will be sticking to this channel for quite a conceivable while ! 
P/s : Singapore blogging friends who might be interested to have this kind of beauty break - 
a coupla hours in a cosy ,interior magazine worthy home setting can let me know ! ;) 
3. I am now into my 2nd day of using the most advanced cream in the world that's
 clinically tested to help skin act up to 15 years younger ! 

( in the meanwhile I will hibernate 
& emerge 12 weeks later unrecognizably youthful ! 
just kiddin'
4. I have even tried the ebay route to trying out new skincare/make-up  products.
5. If I were 20 years younger
 I would totally be using the Anime kind of makeup ( I think ! ) 

5 blogging pals I'm tagging :- 
I went with peeps all over the world for this tag :) 

Metal-Minish , Sweden : He's also a Guest Designer for Liz Qualman's Sunday Sketches this week ! 
congrats on the spotlight ! 
Shamma, Singapore  : who's one Creative Momma & also a GD for Liz this week.
Kim, Australia : another Creative Mum who's Glass is Half Full ! ;) 
Helen , South Africa : who's a Scrap Addict
Sparkling Deb , USA ! : who's inspired by all things Alice ( in Wonderland )! 

check out all the wonderful inspo of these fiercely creative scrappers ! ;) 


Teri said...

Love it, Pearl! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :) We did here, too. We had a post-Easter turkey dinner with friends tonight, and it was great! That's definitely one of my favourite things, too. :)

Jennifer said...

I want that dessert!!! LOL I have usually been disappointed with any "youth" creams I have tried. I even almost ordered one from an infomercial!! A new low, for sure. Thankfully I got a grip on reality and didn't. These shows always make the products sound so great and life changing. ;) I have decided to embrace the wrinkles. LOL

Kim said...

Thanks Pearl, for the tag will get to it asap, thanks for all your lovely comments too

Susan said...

I so enjoyed the little insight into how things are with you :) Glad you had some good times with friends. I've always used skin care and now in my 50s I think it has paid off. The important thing is to be consistent with skin care, and the more natural the product the better for me. Enjoy your new products though and I do hope you don't turn the clock back too far - we would be distressed to see baby pictures of you here in a few short weeks! (jk!) You already look young my friend :)

Metal_Minish said...

Go for the anime look!...
Well, except for those extreme lashes she added, they were a bit too much in my opinion lol... XD

Aww, thanks for tagging me! ^o^ Looks like fun~ I'll do this as soon as I can!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Yummmm that looks good, and thanks for the tag! I'll try to do that this weekend!!!!!! xOxO love deb

Lynette said...

I loved reading this tag...and learning a little bit more about you. That skincare that makes you emerge looking years am most certainly a candidate for that one;-)

The Garden Slug said...

Thanks for the shoutout Pearl, and thanks for coming by! :)

The Garden Slug