Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Color Room Challenge #2

The 2nd challenge over at the Color Room 
was a prompt for masculine colors , 
not surprisingly as Challenge No 1 was inspired by Her Room .

I am by now totally convinced that 
there is no such thing as unusable pp in our stash anymore .lol . 
I used to detest certain types of designs/design styles which to me were an
outright cop out or simply meant to me that
 certain papers who actually really hard to use well.
Well goodbye to all that wrong thinking or even snob thinking!!!

Now I willingly tear up / chop up strips of papers 
which I find hard to use in a pleasing manner &
 simply collage them 
& then add my own signature spin to them, 
whatever rocks my boat at the time of creating with them .

I was a little off with my choice of blue here 
but I would put it all down to sheer laziness as
 I simply went with the first, newest sheet of blue paper
 that was right out on my scrap table. tsk ! tsk ! 

& yes ! I broke out my new OA doily stamp & stamped away in brown versafine -
& this time it totally worked out that the stamping was imperfect 
& appears broken in places - not entirely intentional
 but absolutley embraceable for me here ! 
& I have to thank Piradee & Wendy  for being the enablers
 to get this set of Thrift Shop stamps into my stash ! woot !
That's how it all started ! 

 here's an online color generator to play with 
 ( who those of us who cannot wait for the next Color Room palette perhaps ! ;)

For eg,  if I would still like to play with the blue/purple color  from the above TCR#2 palette

I can  easily find all the complementary colors that go with it ,with one click ! 
I think you will find this quite fun too ! ;) 


Lynette said...

This is great Pearl...I would never have thought to use mauve and brown together and it looks great. I think I should break out my stash and try to get back into scrapping:) Maybe use a challenge or two that is available on the web.

Susan said...

That's a great resource, the colour coordinator. The stamping looks fabulous too. More!

BabyBokChoy said...

I am not getting that stamp, I don't care what you tell me and how good it looks on your layout!!!

Jennifer said...

I totally agree, Pearl!! This colour challenge business has me loving my stash of papers that I was less than excited about having!! I love your take on the palette this week! I can't wait to check out that link. You are such a wonderful resource in our scrappy world and I so appreciate that you always are so willing to share!!! :)

Kim said...

OH so beautiful Pearl, your little touches, the flowers, misting...just so you!!!