Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My final photo challenge revealed !

Yes ! I recently issued Ms Jing-Jing Nickel a private photo challenge 
since she noticed I was scrapping up a lotta pics 
not taken by me ! lol 
The photo challenge once again is
 to use the same pics 
and then to see how our  layouts would turn out . 

Even before JJ ,sent me her pics I knew I would want to use some new Webster's Pages papers, 
 knowing  that she probably doesn't have them in her mountain of stash . 
( & I suppose trying to soft sell her the wonders of Webster's - teehee ! ) 

I ended up pairing a Life Portrait pp with a Lullaby Lane Leaps & Bounds pp. 
I like this unusual color combo - with lots of grey and black inspite 
of a very adorable child as the main focus here ! 
I edited 2 of the center pics here on picnik.com adding in a bokeh  heart effect .
I would have preferred to use 1-2 pics in the layout but couldn't resist using 4
for the sequence shots effect 
( although I probably jumbled up the sequence ) 
Unknown to me , little Amelie here had a piece of chocolate in her hand,
instead I gave her a sequin heart 
just so I could easily work in the Webster's Pages Quote card ! woot ! 

Now , do check out Jing Jing's reveal here using 7 Gypsies' Avignon line . ;)


Aubree said...

Wow, Pearl! This layout is fantastic!! I love the soft colors of the baby animals with the dark pp background. Let me know when I can send my pictures your way! :) What a difference b/w your version and Jing-Jing's -- amazing what two people can do with the same pixs!

BabyBokChoy said...

I almost spat out my cereal reading this line " soft selling the wonders of Webster's..." LOL... So funny!! We did so fabulously girlfriend, pat ourselves on our backs and pat each other on virtual backs... can't wait to see more layouts of your photos after your photog class, oh la la!!!

Lynette said...

Beautiful...then...that is what you always do...I don't think you can do ugly:)

Virginia L. said...

This is SO awesome! Love seeing how you used the same photos as Jing-Jing! Truly soft and lovely in every way!

deana said...

Darling page for a darling Amelie! :-)

Audra said...

too cute!! I love those papers!! and I love what you did with them!! really great work as always!! :)

Teri said...

Pearl, I love the series of shots, and that "Stacked" embellishment is the perfect complement! :) Gorgeous!

Susan said...

I love the greys and blacks with these photos!!! The little red heart is perfect = it really focuses the eye on the cute little girl. Gorgeous, Pearl :) I'll have to keep an eye out for Webster's now

Audrey Pettit said...

This is gorgeous! Love that you used 4 photos in a stack like this, and I adore the color combo. So very striking. Love the slit edge of the journaling card and the little Silhouette tucked in, and that paper cut out is fabulous.

sarah said...

this is stunning!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!