Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keepin' It Real Challenge - My Scrapbook Nook

This was for a challenge that had to include a NEW self-potrait .
One that we had to take ourselves.
I thought I would definitely be ok with the taking it myself bit
& was pleasantly surprised that I had a coupla of usable pics
that I simply snapped at myself in various rooms of my home
& finally standing in my patio.
I'm just happy they are my look for today -
having had my hair done just this Monday with fresh hair colors .
I was also just thrilled to have blue/green eyes from using my fave
without having to resort to colored contacts !

My hidden journaling reads :

Just for Today. I'd rather be taking self portraits , than dusting.

I'd rather be playing at than dealing with organized grime aka the laundry.

I'd rather be at my scrap table than have a spotless home.

( oops, a domestic engineer I am not! )

Just Keeping It Real.



Sue said...

beautiful - love the journalling too

Emmy said...

awsome!! love the photos, love the LO!

bitte71 said...

I totally adore your work, love all the colours and the beautiful details! You rock and I wish you the very best in the Scrap off!

SAR girls said...

Pearl-that photo is just crazy beautiful!


Suz said...

another eye catcher

Jeune Girl Crafts said...

Love your new photos Pearl. And your layout that goes with it is inspiring.

Erica Hettwer said...

Wow! Great layout! :D

Carcol said...

Love the layout, love the photos!

London Tierney said...

This is gorg! I love the contrast and the flowers! Stunning!

Staci said...

I just saw this at CMK and LOVE this, pearl! Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl..
Your LO is love the bling..and the journalling YAHAHA way to go I d rather craft than clean!!!! to do it)..rofl...
sorry Iv been a bit scew whiff but with the immenent.... arrival of our new GD Things have been a little hectic!!!!
Hope you are well my lovely...
Have a fab weekend:) xxxxxxxxxx
(Thats why I get hubbie

Anonymous said...

sorry about the terrible typos
thats meant to read
(thats why I get hubbie to do it) ,

3left Feet said...

Awww.. your soo gorgeous!!

I love your vintage self pics.. like the one in your header! I soo want to know the story of that one!!

e-mail me!

hugs.. OH and BTW.,. I linked you as some inspo.. for my challenge I'm hosting for This month.. err.. June. Hope its ok with you!