Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 2009 !

a poem to share this day : 


A Mother does not come with instructions attached titled, 
“How a mother should be”
There are no numbered, lettered parts to put together in sequence.
She does not come with all the right knowledge or all the right tools.
There will always be parts left over and more to learn.
She gathers them all along the journey,
And assembles her love that began even before you were born.
If you are lucky, you will have many mothers.
They will come to you in many forms along your way.
You will learn much of who you can be from this journey.
With her, you will learn, when she is there and when she is not.
Maybe more so when she is not.
She may be happy, she may be sad.
She may be a lunatic or a genius.
She will be all these things at one time or another
or all at the same time, On the same day, in one hour or one minute.
She will be different from you and she will be like you.
She will have a part of you and you will have a part of her, from birth.
Alive or dead, Away or near, in love or in hate,
She will always be there, there will always be more....
When she is gone from this physical, living world,
Her spirit will dance, tantalizing, lovingly, in your bones, forever.
You get to choose to let it torment you or set you free.
Her bite will be loving; even harsh words a caress.
She is there to watch over you, to hold you when you need comfort
To warn you when danger is near.
She will feed you and provide for you as best as she is able,
Soothe your hurts, pick you up and dry your tears.
If you will let her, she will do this all your life.
With courage, love and sometimes fear.
What she fears, she may never show you.
What she loves, you have to seek.
When you find and accept both,
Your hearts may rest together in love and peace.

 Cynthia Hector Johnson 2001


Staci said...

Oh wow, that is a wonderful poem, pearl, TFS! I especially like the line about having parts left over :-) Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

courtneyannb said...

what a beautiful poem! You were very sweet to visit my blog and give me such an awesome compliment! Next time Graphic 45 puts out a DT call I will be the FIRST to apply lol! Thank You!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wonderful poem, Pearl!
Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

JgWM said...

Your cards are beautiful and the poem says it all.

I hope you are playing with us this week at the next step challenge.

Came by to thank you for your comments.

Thank you for visiting the next step challenge blog. Please play along with us and share your creativity. Hope to see you again! I have posted some answers to questions visitors had. See you again- Gayle