Monday, September 08, 2008

Around the Block Paper Tagger

After the initial hits & misses , I finally got the hang of using this old new tool I've had since July last year ! Now I can picture easily using up the old Prima stash in NO time on layouts or cards ! I only triedf out on a coupla cards today & made a dent on some Primas already !

The dimension & texture you get from using the tagger tails is just compared to none ! everthing held down can do a little jiggle & sw-i-n-g ! I can imagine going to town with it on a layout - give mthe right challenge ! ;-) lol ! I also realised that one can easily hide the tail bit with buttons or bling on top of the tail with no loss of swing ! Really unlike using brads ! Eyelets are so making a comeback together with this tool !


Staci said...

Ooooh, i've always wondered about that and how it worked! I just got their clipper tool which is pretty cool, too! Love your latest creations with your tagger!

Renee said...

love what you're doing with that tagger! very cool projects my dear! love them!