Saturday, September 06, 2008

4x12" Shimelle Style album

This album although 4x12" in size was faster to finish than the JB 4x4" cb album for some reason - even though the blueprints were all there for me !
I found many similar albums on 2peas - it would never have occurred to me to do this size !
& worked my own way from the various albums in the gallery.
Using the BG Black Tie affair my first BG collection bought ( & from the US ! ) .I have hardly cut into this collection as I don't have many suitable pics to scrap with it - in fact I have never made any layouts with it . My first project was a purse album.
Loved how this album turn out & I just love not having to hide the beauty of the paper too much ! You just notice the subtle colors other than the blacks & whites ths way .
These pics were from 2001 ! & are still album worthy to me & so here they are in 13 pages - which is 26 double sided.

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Staci said...

This is so cool! Look at you rocking all these minis!!