Friday, May 25, 2007

Tagged ! 6 Summer/ Mid Year Resolutions

Tagged by Di ! lol - ok i will let everyone off & not tag anyone else, save those readers who will volunteer their own ! in which case do let you know so that I can come by read them ! lol

Let's see there are only 2 reasons in tropical Singapore - rain & no rain ! & these days we're get a lot of these 2 season days ! hmmm - put it all down to global warming ! sunny in the morn & it may rain in the afternoons etc

It's good to do a mid year review I reckon & not forgetting that I did choose the word "CHANGE " for the Ali Edward's one word for the year challenge .

Lots of good changes I've had this year crafting wise & in other areas in life - so more of them - & in these areas :

1. I would love to take one whole week ( soon ) to do nothing but focus on embossing & rubber stamping ! lol - I just did my one week of scraplifting layouts this week past & enjoyed challenging myself to use up stash in ways I can't think of on my own ! This is still one area I kept talking about to try more of & still haven't got on it yet !

2. Next ,after attempting the embossing & stamping hopefully , off to explore my QK Silhouette Digital Cutter for a whole week ! hmmm - haven't done much with it all since acquiring it ! duh ! double duh ! So no more new toys perhaps like the Cuttlebug I'm still dreaming of for the cutest embossing folder designs !

3. More gourmet cooking to attempt - the Korean Culture has a very interesting philosophy re: food I realised - erhms ok I'm not even remotely Korean but we are living in Korean Drama Fever times around here ( not that I am even a fan yet ! ) so we get exposed to Korean culture a bit these days - their approach to food is food is medicine for the body ! Yes ! one of my fave Korean food is Korean Ginseng Chicken soup . I managed to catch a whole half hour episode that educated viewers on that one soup all around Korean ! lol ! yupz learnt a lot - even if just for one recipe ! lol - ok I haven't attempted it yet - I should remember it for my kids next time they have an exam in 3 months ' time or so ! lol
4. The kids have a one month school break starting today & we can't travel this year either . But we will look into finding some new things to do this hols besides going to the usual water theme park ( we only have one here but good enough
) like perhaps go stay one weekend on Sentosa !

5. Getting seasonal cards one or two months ahead of time has really helped me get some types of cards done & created that I normally wouldn't even think of attempting this year ! But wow 2 Chirstmas cards a week by Di is something to think about ! I think for me I really should get cracking on more altered projects as gifts ( also good for Christmas ! ) - so more altered notebooks /photoframes etc - so perhaps 2 gift items a week is a good start ! yeah me ! I also stumbled on one of the many kit clubs that have mushroomed these days that had great easy to accomplish projects to try with very clear instructions - & first on my list is to try & make a photo folder using one 12x12 double sided cs or pp ! will post it soon with the link !

6. Much amused by Di Hickman's comment on housework ! totally ! crafting & being online is way more fun than doing laundry , rite ? !

any tips there ? hmm - only this year we just bought a dishwashing machine ( not very fashionable in SIngapore 'cos many of us have domestic helpers ) - it's helped me be willing to cook more since the machine can take care of washing the heavy pots etc.

Also we have this irobot device - a circular shaped vacuum cleaner clever enough to figure out corners & steps . We don't have a washer /dryer - not fashionable to use a dryer here either - so yes laundry is also a bane ! - I did sign up for this yahoo group on becoming organised - but i barely read the messages which are full of daily tips to get things done in the house ! So I oughta start reading that perhaps !

But the best tip I've found by far is to use a timer of some sort - eg handphone alarm , kitchen timer etc & break time down into chunks of 15 mins or whatever works for you & get a little bit done of everything that you want to for the day . Good for multi taskers to focus on one thing at a time !

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Di Hickman said...

some good goals there pearl! I too am trying to concentrate on certain techniques with crafting, hence the art journalling. I definately need to get into stamping again, go through phases with those things.
Housework, yep I started using the dishwasher. I don't like to cos it does use electric and more water but I just cannot bear to wash a full load of dishes right now.
Oh and the timer I'm conflicted about. I tried the flylady timer thing but I got through phases of doing 15 mins chores 1 hr crafts (good ratio no?) or 1 hr chores in a block and the rest of the day crafts. Depends how I feel day to day