Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I have to tell you all 5- 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

Tagged by Di Hickman - I have to tell you all 5- 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog.

Something different, so fun to have a go :

1. My blog was originally focused on highlighting the latest & the greatest in terms of craft product updates.

It has since evolved as a blog for me to share my handiwork or original creations .

Frankly I oughta start a new blog for that purpose & I’d call it Pearl’s paperfections rather than using the current one – kind of a misnomer !

2.Having said that , I have stumbled upon so many wonderful blogs/sites , many still mushrooming up that gets me going in terms of what I put up here !

Happily I started with cards – dares / challenges – was the very first & still a fave one to be a participant with !
Some other faves : Card Positioning Systems , Sketch This Card , Caardvarks etc

3.I have also since had more than a few gos with layouts – in fact I feel like doing many at one go these days – time permitting – hey ho ! time hasn’t permitted !

Also thanks to blogs that set out sketches / challenges – currently my faves to work with are : &

then there are soo many dare sites for layouts –

Effer Dares,Scrapjacked, Pencillines , Australia, UK Dares, How Much is too Much ! too many to list ! all waiting for me to have a go as well ! phew !

4.I am now wondering which way to evolve – always nice to do things a little unpredictably I feel ! lol
I am thankful to blogs that provide tutorials , how tos , resources , prompts other than setting challenges . Perhaps I could try writing more next ! lol

Di Hickmans’s one –

Ana Cabrera’s :-
Many stamping focused blogs have a lot of resources as well !

5.Many projects are seasonally inspired – like currently Mother’s Day – still trying to get started on trying to work on some MM chipboard shapes to try a shaped greeting !
I know I had a blast last year with Christmas creations as with my Valentine’s Day / love themed cards this year

I could go on … but I think I’d leave them for another time ! lol

ok tagging Paula , Kathy , Gillian , Dawn , Kandis


Gillian Hamilton said...

I've loved to watch your style evolve.. it's always interesting to see the way you use products... and I love your blog hun... and I think the new name would be good it sums up your work PERFECTLY!
and grrrr...for tagging me!!!! LOL! I'll see what I can do..:O)

scrapnnMO said...

WOW your blog is totally my favorite! But I will have to think on this new tag thingy! So give me a day or two to think it over!

Kandis Smith said...

This is fun. I haven't done this one yet! I'll have to get thinking! Oh, and darling layout!! I love love love your bright colors! TFS!

Di Hickman said...

hey Pearl
fun facts sweeties

oh and email me, cos there is a way to change your url! but that means everyone loses their bookmarks etc ;o) let me know if you want the info



Kathy said...

What an interesting post, Pearl.

I'll have a think and put something on my blog - thanks for the tag