Friday, May 04, 2007

On Q&Co blog ! You Are Beautiful Card !

I hate hiding beautiful paper patterns - so I did not cut the felt ribbon in any particular shape but simple to fit the space next to the Scenic Route sticker & following the sketch recipe !
I like the colours showing thru the felt ribbon !
I have some layouts to share using more Q&Co latest findings but I can't reveal them yet ! lol -
Great to finally have something on the Q&Co blog ! Since i am a big fan of theirs ! ;-)


iralamija said...

This is so beautiful Pearl!!

Bety :)

Susan said...

Pretty, pretty! I love the colours - so bright and fun! Oh - I voted for your Monogram card, Pearl. Here's hoping you win! lol!

Paula said...

Very vivid colours. I love Q&Co stuff too but right now I just can't keep up with all the challenges. I have had a productive weekend so far & made two 8.5x11 pages & my AJ card.
Pretty good going for me!!

Pat said...

I just stumbled across your blog today and I must say, your work is amazing.

Gillian Hamilton said...

woooohoooo!!!!! BIG CONGRATS Pearl... I'm so happy to see your talent is being recognised!!!