Saturday, March 10, 2007

A cherished thought on my Sunday today !

I don't know about you "out there " - yeah for cyberspace isn't it ! lol
If you have need a place to vent I'm here ! lol , leave a thought in the comment box !
Not comfortable with that ,
My cherished thought for today !
" I just don't know how I'd get thru the hardships, difficulties & challenges in MY life if I didnt have the faith & hope that I do in JESUS " ( partly inspired by dear Gillian Hamilton ! ) lol
Indeed Jesus, take the wheel ! is the best prayer at times ,
for me !


Paula said...

He sure can take my wheel some times, I only have two arms & two legs. They often don't seem enough.

Gillian Hamilton said...

See this is why you are such a gorgeous girl, willing to listen to people, willing to understand, willing to share their load..