Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cards I received from Swaps in 2005

Well before craft blogging was in fashion there were yahoogroups to share your creations with.

& so before I post my card for the DCM card dare this week " Out of the Comfort Zone " I'd like to show the kinds of cards that would be totally "out of my comfort zone " for sure !

Received from Lavinia , Scotland , accompanying a scrap material swap we had with each other - she gave me loads of rubber stamped & embossed images !
Received from Yvonne, Uk - gotta love that dimensional punchart !

From Ana Stela , Brasil ! Before the chipboard craze , she used here cardboard, crimped, foam flowers & embossed leaves ! Parchment craft card from Nora, Australia !

from Fran , Canada - paperpricking & iris folding .

& another kind of card I wouldnt try to make either - decoupage card made by my Deborah when she was 10 & she made 2 at one go ! The other has been used !

Rubber stamped card with butterfly stickers from Thelma , US

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