Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When thanks just doesnt seem like enough ... Yes , the Postie brought two packages on the same day ! or rather evening ! ;-)

The postman did not ring twice ! lol
He simply brought two wonderful , indeed mouthwatering ( you said it , Susan ! ) packages
on the same rainy evening ! - which was just last nite for me !
What a great way to bring cheer to our rainy season !
And as though on cue , the sun came out today for me to take all these piccies !
( posted at 2 totally different times , from 2 totally different continents ! )
My wonderful loot from Monique !
Thanks ever , grrl !
Just what I wanted to increase my stash overnite with Love ! lol !
& some Rouge De Garance papers as a surprise !
If you havent discovered Rouge De Garance yet , check them out at :
They will have more new papers come Jan CHA release !
Think i'll wait for their new papers to come out to grab more of them !

The Thanks card I created with the All Occasions paper from the loot

( before I added a chipboard flower accent frm Gillian's swap ! )


Kathy said...

Love this card Pearl.

Also feeling just a touch envious of that new stash of yours!

Lythan said...

I think that is your best card yet!

Wife2TJ said...

What a cute card! Love all the flowers.

Isabella Da Cás said...

So cute!!!!
Love the flowers!:)