Monday, January 29, 2007

Shimelle's Confessions class ............finally ...

Journaling : ...I'm the first Singapore internet fan of Amici Forever ! & even got to interview them on national radio LIVE ! Thanks 93.8 FM ! I will never forget !
(when they came to Singapore )
( there's so much more to this story of course but the space is just too small - lol ! )

Journaling : .. I can eat Chili with every single meal . It's true !

( especially this type of red hot chili - (small & deadly !!! lol )
JOURNALING : I cant live without instant noodles anymore ....
( to survive trips to Europe in the past , I needed to eat cup noodles for supper usually !
and on BA flights too - much to my delight then ! )

I *heart* noodles !

( c'est moi- photo taken by 11 yr old Deb! )

just some of my random & inane ramblings ...

with thanks to Shimelle for this free online class


Paula said...

Great book.
I can't quuite read all the journalling but I love the huge pictures.
I still have no heating & am finidin it very hard to type so am switching off & heading to bed where it is warm.

Latharia said...

Love how this turned out!! Very nice! So many amusing bits!