Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final customized blog header - as giveaway

Teri was the other prize winner for my customized blog header 
and she has it up & running over at her blog here

I really enjoyed doing these blog headers so much - didn't take much time at all 
& everything can be up & running in no time or internet time ! ;) 

If you think I should do this as a future giveaway let me know here too ! 


Susan said...

Teri's new blog header looks wonderful. I think it is an absolutely fantastic give away. It is so personal and such a lovely thing to offer to do! So I vote 'yes' about using a customised blog banner as a give away :)

Metal_Minish said...

Wow, wonderful header! Looks really awesome! ^-^

Audra said...

omgosh... i'm totally loving that blog header!! what a lucky lady!! i'm totally dying for one!! i really hope to see it as a giveaway again!!

Darien said...

Oh!! Pearl!!! that is Beautiful!!!! I Would love to get one!!!!! Would you make one for me??? I will pay you!!! lol! Love them!!!1Gorgeous work!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Pearl! Teri's blog header is beautiful! I think that it was a wonderful idea for a giveaway! Very kind of you! :)

Chris said...

What an amazing blog header Pearl... Teri is one lucky lady!!

You have such a wonderful talent and it is fabulous to see you using it this way...way to go :D
Chris xx

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! Very cool, Pearl! You are so multi-talented, my friend!

Sarah said...

You have a real knack for layering! So much depth in this header!