Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thank you sweet friends !

A Huge thank you to my sweet friend in Canada , Jennifer Shaw
for this lovely blog award ! 

& thank you too to all my dear blogging friends who come by
 & often sharing your sweet thoughts here with me . 
I do hope that I can always come up with eye candy that's worth your time to look! ;) 

& unbeknown to dear Jenn
I'm not very good at blog awards these days 'cos of
 people they exclude more often than not ..


BabyBokChoy said...

New blog header is HOT HOT HOT out of this world!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Your bloggity is always fun with tons of eye candy!!! even though i don't comment as often as I should I still always come over and check out what awesome thing you created next

Jennifer said...

Hi Pearl! You are so sweet!! Very true that these awards do often exclude people. I love your idea of leaving some fun challenge sites instead or just a basic thank you to all your blogging friends! I think I will follow your lead in the future! :) You definitely provide me with enough eye candy to keep me checking in on your latest creations! :)

Mo said...

OOOOH! LOVING THE NEW LOOK! You have always got something amazing to share....thanks for sharing it all with us!

Lynette said...

You so deserve this award my have been so solid in your support...and I am sure all your blog followers feel the same.

Helen Tilbury said...

Well done Pearl - you certainly do deserve this award! And I'm with you on the Blog Awards. I don't enjoy them because there's bound to be someone who feels left out or hard done by if not included when you hand it out again. So I also love to receive them but don't pass them on for fear of inevitably offending someone dear!