Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frame it with a Challenge ! - GCD Studios

Here's the Challenge from GCD Studios :

Create a layout about "what I've learned in 2009" (this does not have to be the title, but it has to be the theme). Use frames as well . You have until Feb 25th (Midnight) to enter this challenge and need to have at least 25% of GCD on it :)
 The winner of this challenge will win GCD Studios' new Ava papers! 

Any reason to use up more of the new Homespun Chic line is good for me right now ! 

I decided on a singular focus for this challenge  - 
so I used only one frame & one main lesson to share from 2009. 

& this is a lesson that I am so passionate about
 in terms of sharing it with 
whoever might be in need of it this year !
   ( I know I have shared with a coupla blogging friends already ;) ) 

What I learned in 2009 ? 
focus on the transitions
not the changes ,
in life . 
By transitions - I mean our emotional & mental response 
to the good, bad or ugly changes that come into our path . 
Focusing on managing the transitions better will put us in better stead , 
with a much better attitude & with greater resilience . 
I have found this to be useful, applied in many areas of my life. 

This lesson was crystallized for me by Paul Scanlon

2 other fave lessons from 2009 ? 

2. Stop looking back . 

3. I survived this past decade , now I'm a reviver ! 


Lynette said...

I NEED to also focus on the transitions...thank you for mentioning it on my blog...and thank you for the wisdom you share.

Lud said...

Your blog is very beautiful! Super happy! I'll be your follower.

Anonymous said...

How absolutly `Gorgeous` Pearl...
I could do with taking a leaf ot of your book!!!TFI
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)
Love your new blog look!!!!!very very classy:)xxxx

Darien said...

WOW Pear!!!! This Is Amazing!!!! I'm loving your art so much!!!! I have a file full of copies of your work!!!! So Inspiriting!!!!!!!!!! Transition is a good word!!! Amazing page love the misting and design!!!

Paula said...

Gorgeous page, Pearl. I love the direction you are taking towards more layering. I think pages need layers they represent our life.I truly believe that when we are born we contain every layer of what our life will be good & bad & as we grow & develop we shed them. Some we give away foolishly but we learn to select the right ones remaining "clothed" in the right fabric for us.

Sandra said...

Hi Pearl, just found your blog, everything looks gorgeous,was happy to catch up with what you have been doing, we have missed you over at S.O. please pop in and say 'HI'

Jennifer said...

Lovely Lo Pearl! I love the subject matter and what you have learned this year. Very wise.

Susan said...

"Wisdom" is the word I thought of too as I read your post, Pearl. I absolutely love your layout - the scroll and the misting is fabulous. I have to use that technique now....

You are such an inspiration :)

Cheryl aka gonewiththewind said...

Pearl, your work is SO gorgeous! I love coming to visit and see all your creativity!

Hope you are having a fantastic year so far! I know I am!



wrightaud said...

i love the masking and all the layers of detail... awesome work!!

BabyBokChoy said...

yep, awesome!

Audrey Pettit said...

This is SO beautiful, Pearl! I love your design that masking on the background and adore the bird perched on top. The framework is gorgeous, too.

Rosangela Philippsen said...

Perfect, absolutely perfect! I love all the details of this design. And the masking is fabulous on the background.

Pamela said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!

Teri said...

Hi, Pearl! I just found your blog through Jennifer's latest post at Scrappin Daze..and I love it! Your projects are gorgeous, and I love your reflective post topics. :) What a beautiful blog. Can't wait to follow you.

Brianne N. said...

SUCH a beautiful layout! I LOVE the birdcage and misting! GREAT job!