Monday, December 24, 2007


This Christmas season I'd like to share the following message by Chuck Pierce :
During this time of year, we must allow our expectations to arise. The expectation of the Lord is a function of our emotions. I am praying for your emotional well-being. A miracle is when a Higher or Greater force exhibits a supernatural power on the laws of nature to bring about an unexplainable change in the earth!
We believe Father-God came as Spirit and hovered over a virgin and impregnated her. We believe the Son was then born to this virgin and grew in stature and favor with man. We believe that He came unto His own, but His own did not receive Him.

We believe that He overcame the power of sin in this world and then sacrificed Himself so that we could be redeemed from the power of sin. We believe that He overcame death, hell and the grave and now sits at the right hand of the Father. We believe His Spirit dwells among us to give us the same power to overcome all temptation, sin and decay of the world.

We believe that the miracle-working power that was displayed by Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is working in the world today and is available to each of us and enables us to walk in overcoming victory.
Chuck D. Pierce
The Trumpet by Bill Burns -- December 24, 2007: Beloved, I have deposited My seed in you, and I will cause it to grow exceedingly. You will partake of My divine life as you exercise your faith. I will fulfill My covenant promise of healing in you as I overshadow you with My glory. Make a decree and proclaim that you are healed by My stripes, says the Lord. You will be renewed by My strength in you. I will renew the strength of My purpose for your life. As you worship Me, I will open a door to you of My great favor and blessings, which will come down like the rain to water a dry and thirsty ground. Leave the past behind along with those things that have hindered you -- fear, anger, grumbling, complaining and the like. Then, step out on a brand new day with a new level of faith. My glory shall manifest and bring forth life. Face the new year with great courage without worrying about what the world says regarding war or the financial markets or food shortages or plagues. Do not worry because I am with you to save you and deliver you from destruction. You belong to Me, says God.


Moniqui said...

Merry merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Pearl! Wishing you loads of fun and smiles:))

Paula said...

Hope you had a good Christmas & best wishes for New Year.