Thursday, September 21, 2006

ON Silent Sales & online buying

Ooooh! Better in real life than the pic. fantastic!
Absolutely Fabulous!
great items, quick delivery, fantastic personality

ebay :

Buyer crafter3334( 211)
20-Sep-06 11:17

Very classy, well packed, will purchase again A+++
Buyer jeanpark( 240)
04-Sep-06 12:32

Worth waiting for, better in real life A+++
Buyer jeanpark( 240)
04-Sep-06 12:32

What is more gratifying than the reward of the satisfaction of a pleased customer in terms of silent sales?

More than 1786 transactions later & still counting , surely I have learnt enough lessons ? Well the learning journey never ends .
I can look back on my adventures in online selling with positiveness MOSTLY.
I first started selling on ebay US - no one told me how , why or what . I discovered what to sell profitably by instinct & by discovering the little niches of my own areas of interest ! & thats what makes ebay really work & it ROCKS !
My top customers worldwide are undoubtably Americans !They are the warmest !
Some have even become friends .
Especially those from Texas ! Hey hey you know who you are !
It's just too cool either way - in a small town in the US ( or anywhere in the world ! ) you can receive something special from the little streets of Singapore ! From the comforts of your chair - ok computer chair !
But then again , I had to go back to my original intentions on ebay - which is to buy papercrafting supplies cheaper than I can get them here ! Yupz retail prices are are just way too high ......
After all the US is the motherland of craft supplies !
After some happy acquisitions I realised I neednt be stuck with a whole load of stash that I cant ever finish using so why not share my finds with others who may have the same problem as me . And so I did - sharing my findings with happy customers in Europe !
And I can safely say language is absolutely no barrier in terms of that kind of sharing !
Certainly the most courteous customers I have the privilege of serving are my European ones beginning with those in the UK.
Many European customers make you feel so appreciated in terms of what you do for them !
Unfortunately the same can't be said back home , my saddest experiences with customers are totally Singaporeans . I have resisted selling locally for the longest time but then again I did try & have a go as opportunities arise.
We do have the reputation of being Ugly Singaporeans here sad to say. and we do bring out the worst in each other easily !
Singaporean customers expect discounts - the deeper the better & rarely give you the appreciation back after that. Excuse me ,but are online sellers here running charities ? non profit organisations ? They hardly realise it when sellers have bent over backwards for them. I have met other ebay sellers on official ebay events here & they all share the same experience ! Now if you walk into any retail scrapbooking store here , you can't expect to haggle with the store over every item & most scrappers gladly pay high prices for the latest & the greatest ! ( even after loyal customer discounts etc ) . Or if you buy from online stores here , you get free shipping only upon purchase of a sufficiently HIGH amount . I have yet to come to terms with the online habits of the average Singaporean customer is what I can say !
And especially to one Singapore customer :
yahoo id : songandsex
WHY ? kindly pay up .

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