Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Scrappy goodness ;)

Yes, I did get hold of some scrappy goodness by the weekend
but just couldnt finish a layout until now .
So here goes !

So I did get hold of the 7 Gypsies' Avignon pps
( the papers were the only ones that arrived from this
 CHA Winter line , as expected - the rest will probably arrive in 3-6 mths time ! ;)

 So not only the 7G pps( I used at least 3 different pps for this layout )
  I just couldn't help getting hold of -
 the new Martha Stewart Pop Up Water Lily punch
& a new border punch - Pinking Scallop as you can see here in the close ups .

Layout Design is based on Julie Bonner's sketch here 


Emily said...

Awesome as always Pearl!!! I love the border punches... they can make a page really pop! Which reminds me, I really need to get some! Take care!!

Metal_Minish said...

Beautiful LO!
Those are some really awesome scrappy goodness finds there!
The effect with the misting around the scalloped cardstock is really cool, and those water lily punches are a nice detail!

Lynette said...

I love how good the brown and aqua has a wow factor.

Thank you again for all the prayers and encouragement.


BabyBokChoy said...

averting my eyes on the punch, not gonna look, lol!
love the misting and the layering the unmisted portion with your paper, totally awesome.
NEED those 7g papers, needed them 2 days ago, sigh... lol.

Darien said...

WOW! Pearl!! An other amazing lo!!!! You go girl!!! Love your work!

Jennifer said...

Love this LO, Pearl. I'm planning on doing this sketch of Julie's too. Love that new water lily punch!! The bow/flower and flourish is wonderful!! :)

EileenMV said...

Love the color combination - beautiful work!

Helen Tilbury said...

Lovely colour scheme there Pearl & LOVE your new punches - couldn't believe it but I found that exact scallop punch here this weekend - paid a fortune for it - US$45!but I got so excited I couldn't think straight ;-D Think you will also have to order from 2Peas if you are gonna be waiting months for the rest of the range to arrive!

Wendy Kwok said...

You are seriously tempting me with these MS punches.. I love how you used them... and I must say your misting is soooo good! Love what you did here and the post after this. Gorgeous colours and mix!

Mo said...

gorgeous!!!! love how you used the scallop photo mat as a mask and then layered on it! are just TOO freaking talented!