Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marie Antoinette Award

“The Real Person Award”

Here are the rules:

you get the award-give credit to the one who passed it to you and award it to 7 other bloggy friends that you feel are real in who they are.

I am so amazed to receive this award ! ;-)
Mucho thanks to Audrey for thinking of me ! You rock , girlie !

& I happily pass this award on to :



twinklescrapbooks said...

Very cool!

Sue said...

well thank you

you are too kind xxxxxxx

Audrey Pettit said...

You deserve it, girl! You are so sweet and kind and always take the time to visit me! I really, really appreciate it and have enjoyed getting to know you a bit.

Terrie B x said...

You are soooooo deserving of this Pearl!!!
I think your fabulous!!!!`Thankyou` sooooo much for thinking of me!!!(((much appreciated))) for sure!!!
Right back at ya....will display it with pride :)~X~
Have a lovely Evening beautiful Lady:)~X~

Renee said...

awwwwww - thank you so much for thinking of me Pearl! YOU are so deserving of this and can't tell ya what it has meant to have had the opportunity to become friends with you! big hugs!!! xxxxxxx Oh...and I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE the new creations! your work is always so inspiring! TRULY!

Chris said...

Awww honey thank you soooo much... I really do appreciate it and think of you as a really special friend!!
I am really naughty at getting round to doing these things on my blog but I will put it on honest and also the facts one you gave me a while back, I just keep forgetting cos my memory is c**p IYKWIM so I hope you'll forgive me for not doing it sooner.
Chris xx