Monday, October 08, 2007

Tagged - 7 random facts....

I've been tagged by Dawn & Sadie B
list 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird
1. I've swum in rather high floods when I was 4 -5 yrs old growing up in Malaysia .
Beds & fridges could float ! & they weren't the only things that did ! lol
2. I never crafted as kid nor was I even known to be artistic !
3. I did learn how to do the catwalk at age 22 or so.
4. I only started cardmaking in my 30 somethings !
5. I've sent Josh Groban( my fave all time singer )
personalised papercrafting gifts in Japan & the US
( as in they were personally handed to him by various fans )
6. I still haven't stepped foot on any part of the USA yet . Sigh !
7. I dont think I could live anywhere without high speed internet connection !
thanks for the tag , ladies I didnt think I could come up with much ! lol
I'll be a spoilsport & skip tagging 7 others since this one's been going around already ...

1 comment:

Sadie B said...

Thanks Maisymary for doing the tag, it is great to learn more about you.
I totally get the High Speed Internet, where would we be without it?