Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DCM - mid week extra - Oh Boy!!!!!

for this week's Little Extra that's what we'd like you to make -

a card with a male in mind.

Be it Baby boy, Little boy, Teenage Boy or BIG "boy" -

just make him a card and let's see.


Made for a 16 year old "boy" , Chris , in mind !

I haven't decided if I would give it with the big blossoms or not ! lol .

Supplies :

DCWV Argyle glittered cardstock ,

band of striped satin ribbon from Shanghai

( brought home by my dear neighbour , Bon who lives in Shanghai!

thanks muchly dear ! love them all )

Rhonna Farrer Holly Jolly Glittered Chipboard Alpha

Prima Maxie Can Large Blossoms Baby Boy
I added more details to these boy retro cards :


iralamija said...

Oh! I love your boy card is beautiful!


Allison said...

Great looking cards...I especially love your retro-inspired cards!

Paula said...

Stunning cards.
I need to pull my finger out & get something made but nothing is working, mojo gone out the window!!!

Kathy said...

Had to go back and check what cahnges you'd made to the retro cards Pearl - I liked them before, but the extra touches do bring them to life even more, don't they?

As for the flower for a boy - well I guess it depends on the boy concerned! Don't think my hubby was too impressed with the flower I put on his birthday card hehehe

Scrapbook WithVanilla said...

Just love the colors!! Gorgeous cards!!

Susan said...

Love the background paper, Pearl! I agree, it will depend on the particular boy whether or not you include the flower - it IS blue after all - he he! I like the extra things you did to your retro cards, too. Very nice.
I trust all that is happening with your family of late will be alright in the long run. Families - you can't live with 'em AND you sure don't want to be without 'em! Paradox!!

Lythan said...

I am loving these cards Pearl. I reckon a boy can go for flowers and the rest of the card is funky enough to make it ok!

Anntaurus said...

Lovely cards Pearl. I love the big bloom idea.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh your game.... with the flower... I'm sure it will make him smile...Very Nice Pearl..Love those funky letters...