Sunday, December 31, 2006

Woo to the Hoo ! It's the New Year already ! 2007 kicks off to a great start !

Hello 2007 !

Goodbye 2006 !

Is it the end ?

Or just the beginning ?

Saddam Hussein finally executed!

The Taiwan earthquake shook our access to the Internet here in little Singapore - most of the access is ok now - but it did hit us bad the first couple of days !

I woke up today to find out that 6 small bombs exploded in various locations across Bangkok ( was there in early Nov ! )

& my work got published for the first time !
published Jan 1 , 2007 on ! wahoo !

John Ross @8 ! for a chipboard article

Incidentally their Card Corner features Thank You cards to kick off 2007 ! ;-)

As the New Year begins , Here's to the road ahead !
Who knows what the 'morrow may bring !

I wish you all more faith, more hope , more strength for the New Year ahead !


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh man, Pearl, Terrible about the bombings... thanks for the link, it was interesting & sad to read.

Lynne.x said...

Happy New Year
Pearl. Congratulations on being published, how exciting, it is a fab LO.

Susan said...

So glad you are alright - earthquakes and news of bombings and Saddam's execution all at once - what a 'mix' to start 2007. Does this mean it won't be an 'ordinary' year? (Do we ever get those??)

Congratulations on being published! I loved the LO they used - it is so beautiful. You have a gorgeous child to work with, too.

Happy New Year and will be back here soon to see how you are doing - take care.

Lythan said...

I do hope that the good things in your life continue to outweigh the bad. And i love, love, love that page. Many congratulations!

Paula said...

Fabulous page well done you!!!!
Glad you are okay & the quake didn't come any closer.

I most certainly need more faith this year as hope & strength are being depleted at a rate of knotts. I'm glad I have so many cyber friends to keep me going.xx

Jane said...

many congratulations Pearl ! happy 2007